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AE In A Box makes the process of Auto Enrolment simpler for both your clients and you. Providing your clients with a complete project Management system that guides them through every step of Auto Enrolment Regulation, pre Staging date and beyond.  Leaving you to provide a solution for your clients Auto Enrolment problem, without having to commit the time, education or resources to do so yourself.

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Simplifying client management

Your Dashboard displays a snapshot of all your clients, with the option to drill down for more detail. Providing updates and task for clients in real-time, walking them through the AE regulatory hoop one step at a time, leaving you more time to act as their professional adviser. Our unique Alerts feature proactively prompts you when clients accounts need your attention.

How AE in a Box helps Financial Advisers
Whether you're looking to help your clients directly with their Auto Enrolment needs, work with your professional introducers to help them and their clients with their AE needs, or if you're looking to go out and make new professional connections and want to use AE as your in, then  AE in a Box has been designed with you in mind.

Have a simple Auto Enrolment solution to offer
It's a hands off approach that delivers a "consultant in a box" designed to make the process of complying with the new rules as straight forward as possible using software as opposed to man power to deliver guidance.
It's an employer's own tailor made consultant in a box.:

  • Pension guidance
  • Project Management
  • Certification calculator
  • Auto Enrolment tasks timeline / diary
  • 'Ask the regulator'
  • Employer support
  • And more

How AE in a Box can help you:

  • Build more professional connections
  • Connect with directors and business owners
  • Increase your earnings

Build more connections with professionals
The Pensions Regulator is contacting each and every employer to let them know when their staging date is, and has set up a website to help. This website refers employers to their Accountants as the first port of call for asking for help.

This means that between now and 2017 accountants will be inundated with calls from clients asking for help with their auto enrolment needs. The majority of accountants we've spoken too are not geared up to deal with this, nor do they necessarily have a desire to.

By approaching your chosen accountants and other professional contacts with AE in a Box you can pre-empt all these calls and show them how to deal with Auto Enrolment for their clients without it becoming a headache for them.

The accountant/professional connection just loads their clients name, email address and payroll number into the system. Each one of their clients will then receive an email outlining what Auto Enrolment is, why it will affect them, and what they can do to start dealing with these new laws.

The information they upload is not used for any other purpose but to send out correspondence regarding Auto Enrolment. It will send out reminders to clients who haven't taken action yet through AE in a Box when their staging date is 9 months out.

Your accountant/professional connection will then have access to Management Information letting them know which of their clients have signed up and which have chosen not too. They'll also have access to those clients who have signed up and which ones are up to date with their tasks, and which have over due tasks outstanding.

You will get Management Information that lets you know how many of each of your accountants/professional connections clients are over due on their tasks so that you can go back to your professional connection on a monthly basis and offer to help their clients who are behind schedule. This gives you the opportunity to have regular contact with your professional contacts, both new and established and build on that relationship.

Connect with directors and business owners
This Management Information reports are the perfect opportunity to be able to reach out to new business owners and directors and start forming a meaningful working relationship with new prospects.

If you have a strong enough relationship with your accountant/professional connect the systems allows them to give access to you full access directly to all of their clients who have signed up including those who are running behind schedule.

Increase your earnings
The employer pays just £29/month (exc VAT) and AE in a Box will rebate back to the introducer the below amounts depending on the number of employers who sign up. You can then choose how much of this rebate you'd like to share with your professional connections.

Example Revenue
If you sign up 3 accountants each with 150 clients who sign up to AE in a Box
Rebate amount £5.80 x 450 = £2,610 pm or £31,320 pa
If you sign up 2500 clients through your connections
Rebate amount £10.15 x 2500 = £25,375 pm or £304,500 pa


Rebate Bracket

Monthly Rebate Amount Per Client

Number of clients 1 - 999


Number of clients 1000+



Rebate Bracket

Monthly Rebate Amount Per Client

Number of clients 1000 +


How AE in a Box helps Accountants
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How AE in a Box helps Employers
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