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Social Media Bootcamp for Advisers

4 Sep 2019

Social Media Bootcamp for Advisers

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Social media is everywhere and cannot be ignored.  Advisory businesses can combat social media through effective communication of not only their proposition, but of one of the key elements of that proposition - their experience. The way consumers now recommend and refer is changing. Yes, word of mouth is still prominent, but social media is fast becoming the preferred way to recommend or condemn products and services. How many ‘likes’ does your business have?

Any business that ignores the power of social media will struggle to survive in the long run as they fail to take advantage of the opportunities this communications revolution can offer.

This adviser guide will help with some way toward understanding the benefits of social media and more importantly, how to use it successfully.

Guide contents 

  • Why social media is here to stay for advisers and their clients
  • Why are advisers engaged in social media
  • Addressing your social media fears
  • The benefits of social media for a small business
  • Getting started with social media
  • Getting started with Facebook for business
  • Getting started with LinkedIn
  • Getting started with Twitter
  • Getting started with YouTube
  • Your social media marketing plan
  • How to make your social media impactful and profitable 
  • Blogging – why it works
  • Social media compliance for Advisers
  • Your social media compliance checklist

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