Panacea Surveys

Panacea regularly runs industry surveys to get your view and make them heards. Read previous survey articles and download results below.

02/04/2020 COVID-19 and the impact upon your business
26/02/2020 Appointed reps
18/11/2019 FCA consultations, are they worth your time and effort?
12/11/2019 FCA consultations are they worth the effort survey
30/05/2019 The Future of Advice?
18/10/2018 Death by FOS. Is this the end for smaller IFA businesses?
05/10/2018 The Pension Freedom Effect
16/08/2018 FOS treating IFAs as 'guilty until proven innocent'
10/07/2018 Do you believe the FOS help complainants create a complaint where none existed?
14/06/2018 Is it all still Pete Tong at the FOS?
12/03/2018 Help make our Bento Bulletins an even better read...
28/02/2018 Help make our Bento Bulletins an even better read...
27/02/2018 Is our content making you happy?
18/08/2017 Industry attitude to robo-advice shifts as 20% of advisers consider development
31/03/2017 Accountability of the Regulator & 2017 sentiments
16/12/2016 88% of Advisers would not use an outsourced Paraplanner
27/10/2016 FSCS Funding Review
26/09/2016 FSCS Funding Review Survey
08/09/2016 Panacea Adviser Sentiment Survey: 58% of advisers say Brexit will not impact their business
14/07/2016 Panacea Adviser survey: 89% of advisers say Robo-Advice is a threat to the industry
07/06/2016 Adviser Sentiment Summer Survey 2016
15/03/2016 Surely still not Pete Tong at the FOS?
17/02/2016 Something rotten going on?
09/02/2016 Technical Deficiencies in FOS practices
20/01/2016 The fos strikes again but will it still be pete tong @ the FOS in 2016?
09/07/2015 'Fings ain't wot they used to be', tell us about your provider support relationships in 2015
08/07/2015 Panacea Adviser: Adviser Sentiment Summer Survey 2015
06/03/2015 Uncontrolled and unaccountable regulation? The lessons to be learnt from RDR.
03/03/2015 Doomed? Trail removal matters, fears for the few as well as the many
18/12/2014 Panacea Adviser and The Heath Report RDR and Trail Survey
11/09/2014 Still ‘Pete Tong’ at the FOS?
11/03/2014 tell clive gordon all about it' spring snapshot survey
05/02/2014 Post-RDR landscape survey
05/11/2013 The Paraplanner Survey - last chance to have your say!
17/09/2013 “Slice, dice it's about the advice” – the Panacea trends and habits survey
10/06/2013 Segmentation matters. Fewer advisers than expected will only focus on most profitable clients.
05/04/2013 The Panacea Snapshot Survey
21/11/2012 Captain Blackadder definitely did not shoot this delicious plump-breasted pigeon!
14/11/2012 Not just any old RDR Survey
10/08/2012 FSCS survey, the IFA community has spoken
12/07/2012 FSCS Levy Survey - now closed, results due next week.
23/01/2012 Well, will Mr Sants want to know what IFA clients think about RDR?
01/08/2011 Ctrl Alt Delete?
27/04/2011 It’s all gone ‘Pete Tong’ at the FOS