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Drawdown, annuity or a combination? What's best? Model it with the LifeCash Apps

Retirement planning app for financial advisers

18 Aug 2014

With the introduction of the new pensions rules advisers are looking at the options for clients in the at-retirement market. One of the biggest challenges is engaging the client in a meaningful way, which they understand and buy in too.
The LifeCash Retired Apps help answer many questions, by allowing the adviser to model the different scenarios. From an annuity only option, to drawdown, to phased drawdown, to part annuitisation, part drawdown.
Screen grab 'LifeCash Retired'
When the advice process is complete, a report can be attached to your fact find to evidence your advice. The report can also be used as an appendix to your suitability letter, so the client has a written and pictorial understanding of their unique circumstances.
LifeCash Report
To find out more email support@lifecashapps.comYou will receive a 1 month free trial, following the trial you can sign up for the special negotiated Panacea terms as can be found in the Tools & Resources section of the website.
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