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Free white paper: trust and the business...

Free Better business white paper for financial advisers

29 Oct 2013

Low trust is an ugly fact in our industry. Against a backdrop of suspicion and low expectations, truly trust-based relationships stand out in sharp relief.

Consequently, Panacea Adviser has team up with George Kinder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning and Charles Green and Julian Powe of Trusted Advisor Associates to bring you a FREE white paper, 'Trust and the Business of Wealth Advising: Seizing the Opportunity'.  

The discussion piece offers their ideas about building such trust-based relationships which advocates three core strands:

  • Strengthening the mindsets and values consistent with outstanding client interest
  • Training wealth advisers in the conversational structure and process that inspires their clients to live with passionate purpose
  • Developing wealth advisers' skills so that they can be truly confident and outstanding in service of these trust-based conversations - listening, pausing, inspiring, empathising, acknowledging, empowering and knowing self

It conclude by suggesting how these strands can be 'corporatised' and embedded in systems as part of the wealth advice firm's overall ethos and approach."

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