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Online Marketing & Social Media - How to become a leader

Free webcast to support Advisers

29 Apr 2013

On  18th April 2013 Panacea Adviser teamed up with ThoughtLeadership Live to produce a FREE 'Bento for One' webcast to support and educate advisers.
The case for using online marketing, in particular social media has been well and truly made.
As Nick Cann, IFP CEO explained at the recent IFP social media event “Financial Services businesses should ignore social media at their peril” - there really are no more excuse for financial advisers not to be engaging their clients online.
Yet for many this is area of mass confusion, and given the stakes, it remains something advisers would rather ignore, than embrace for fear of failure
This FREE webcast allowed Advisers to learn a lot more about how it can be easy to do and to ask questions, no matter how basic, without any risk of feeling foolish.
Joining Derek Bradley, ceo of Panacea Adviser were two people that are no strangers to the subject, Bridget Greenwood from Financial Social Media UK and Simon Ryan from Social Advisors. All three were be on hand to answer ‘how to’ question about social media and digital marketing.  

View the webcast below.

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