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Rayner Spencer Mills – 2013 Guide to UK Adviser Platforms

Platform news for adviser

23 Apr 2013

Published since 2006, this edition of our platform guide places a particular emphasis on the benefits that platforms provide to advisers, and in turn, their clients. 

With the wide variety of options available in the platform space, the guide seeks to simplify the decision-making process by both examining specific features available on different platforms as well as discussing the main factors that advisers should consider when selecting a platform such as scale, level of support and functionality. 

In addition to providing an overview of platform selection, the guide pinpoints the five main advantages that platforms provide to advisers including:

  1. Providing a clear and complete representation of a client's total financial position
  2. Reporting that is streamlined and standardised, minimising potential for errors
  3. Providing easy access to range of tax wrappers, thereby maximising tax efficiencies
  4. Simplified documentation coming from a single source, reducing duplication and confusion
  5. Lower transactional charges for switching and making changes to investments

In addition to the Adviser Guide there are detailed factsheets on 13 platforms plus a Due Diligence Guide all available via our website at click the Register tab and get the downloads – they are all free!

Download the Platform Due Diligence Guide

Download A Guide to UK Adviser Platforms



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