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Ascentric launches post-RDR guide

RDR update for Financial Advisers

26 Mar 2013

Independent wrap platform Ascentric has launched a new guide, “Getting-fit for a post-RDR World”, which contains ideas to help adviser firms ‘stay fit’ and succeed in the new regulatory environment.

The guide, which was launched at the Ascentric Conference in February, features articles from four established thought leaders in the field, David Shelton (Stoke Bishop Associates), Lucian Camp (Lucian Camp Consulting), Chris Baigent-Reed (Jigsaw Tree) and Tony Wickenden (Technical Connection).

The guide provides advisers with ideas on developing and maintaining a long-term programme for their Post-RDR business, including:

  • How advisers can evaluate their current market position and determine the steps to take should they require a change of direction
  • A way for advisers to define their brand to ensure they are maximising their value proposition
  • A process to ensure they have the right systems and controls in place deliver robust, consistent and repeatable ways of doing business
  • Ideas to be tax proactive in the new regulatory environment
  • Some check lists and an action plan to support them in any future activity

Dominic Ventham, Head of Marketing at Ascentric commented, “Advisers have had to ensure that their business is fit for a post-RDR world but feedback we have received from firms suggests that the new regime and their response to this new environment will take some time to properly bed in. Much like any personal training programme, the key is not to look at RDR as a one-off exercise but to view it as a long-term business as usual initiative. If the RDR has taught us anything, it’s that businesses that are sufficiently ‘fit’ will be able to make the most of the market opportunities that present themselves and this guide provides a few ideas on how you can get there and stay there.”

Commenting on the guide, contributor Tony Wickenden, Joint Managing Director of Technical Connections, said, “Tax is, and is likely to remain, big news with tax planning and the ‘art of the possible’ is an essential part of the financial planning process. What better time to ‘talk tax’ than just after the budget? Plenty of new and continuing tax challenges - but many more opportunities for advisers to get ‘tax pro-active’ with their clients. In my article, I look at the current ‘tax zeitgeist’ that results from the new government inspired tax morality and conclude that the outlook for the centre ground of tax planning remains optimistic."

Ascentric recently announced the results of their survey which showed that 82% of advisers were more confident about the financial services sector than this time last year, with 69% feeling that the RDR had had a positive impact on their business.

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