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Using Video to support your clients and grow your business - a Panacea Adviser FREE trial

7 Jan 2013

We are very aware that at the heart of your relationship with your clients is the trust you build and knowledge that you bring to bear.  We also recognise that giving your clients (and prospective clients) content relevant to their lives is a vital part of your service and sales activities. But it can be hard to create the necessary volume of material, and especially difficult to do so when media savvy consumers now expect greater sophistication in the message and how it is delivered, read and understood.

As a result, the team at Panacea Adviser have been working on a concept which we hope will bring to you a regular flow of material that you can use in your marketing activities (e.g. your website, newsletters, emails, blogs, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and presentations etc).

One component of that work will give you a way to use video in your marketing at a very affordable price by using a concept similar to the syndicated newsletter model.

In this regard we have been working on a project with . They have produced some initial videos that can be branded with your logo and contact details so that you can use them as your own for Sales, Prospecting, Client Support and Service.

We are now at the point where we would like to test the concept with you and get some feedback so that we can progress to the next stage and create an ongoing service that could also include other material such as blogs and tweets. 

To get you going we are delighted to give you a free IHT Planning Video that can be used in your own business.  

Click this link to get your FREE video to use in your marketing 

Then, if you are happy with this, for a small fee you can continue to gain access to a complete and growing  set of videos that have been are are being developed and produced.

You can see the IHT planning video below


If you would like a copy of this video please email will send an MP4 video file of this video plus an embed code that you can use on your website and newsletters etc.

If you don’t want to use this version with the Panacea Adviser logo, Just90 can re-badge it with your own logo and contact details for only £45 plus VAT during this trial period.  Just send them your logo and contact details.  They will let you know how to make payment and will produce your own version for you.

In addition, if you want to buy additional Just90 videos on topics such as Pensions, the Child Benefit changes, and Income Protection please go to the Just90 site by clicking here.

Your feedback

This is a concept trial, but we strongly believe that this is a service that will help you support your clients and grow your business.  We are looking to find the best ways to make this work for you and would welcome your feedback on topics such as:

Is this the sort of service that will help your business to grow?

Should we make this a ongoing service to members?

What should be included within the service (e.g. Video, blogs, tweets)?

What topics would like to see content produced for?

What help might you need to help you to use a service such as this?

This is a trial, but we strongly believe that this is a service that will help you support your clients and grow your business.  Please let us know what you want from the service by clicking here.  Thank you 

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