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Ytel: The Mortgage Hut

12 Oct 2012

We are a firm of independent mortgage advisors based in Eastleigh, Hampshire.   I started the business with just one office assistant and in the early days we were able to get by with just one telephone but as we got busier this became a serious constraint.   Callers often could not get through to us and in our market a lost call is potentially a lost customer.  It became clear that we needed a proper office telephone system with more capacity to handle calls.

I spoke to some friends and business colleagues and one of them told me about the YTEL Communications’ VoIP service which they were using very successfully.   

When I learned what the YTEL service could do I was almost convinced that it was the perfect answer for us but I was wary of taking a risk with using unfamiliar technology on the lifeline of our business.  YTEL took that worry away from us very quickly.   They lent us a VoIP phone to try for a week and promised that if the service did not suit us then they would simply put everything back as it was with no financial penalty.

We now use a hosted YTEL telephone server which connects to VoIP telephones in our office and in other locations.  I can even connect my Android smartphone to the system and use the mobile device as another extension of our business phone system.   Our team can all use phones at the same time and customers can always get through to us without the service ever being engaged.   We do this using just one ordinary telephone line running a standard broadband service.  

Another very useful benefit of the service is the built-in call recording facility.   All our conversations are recorded and the records are stored as audio files on YTEL’s server.  This is a helpful quality control tool and it gives me some peace of mind that we can provide evidence in the event of a dispute about “who said what?” with a customer.

I also like the flexibility of the whole system.  As our business grows we just need to buy more phones and if we eventually move out our office we can just move the phones without having to change our numbers.

All in all I am very pleased with our decision to work with YTEL.   They give us sensible advice, they answer our calls promptly and they get things done quickly. 

Chris Schutrups

Managing Director


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