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Free Webcast - Educating clients on RDR – whose responsibility is it?

2 Feb 2012

On 2nd February at 1.00pm Derek Bradley, CEO of Panacea conducted a FREE webcast via Thought Leadership Live.

The webcast looked at FSA assurances to the IFA community that RDR is truly in the interest of the consumers with the benefit of having digested the results of oursurvey asking IFAs if they believe their clients see the RDR proposals as a benefit as well as measuring how much they

With over 740 responses it was clear that consumer awareness is very low. The presentation explored some of the survey responses as well as illuminating the perceived client attitudes and how they can be tackled.

So if you missed it live, join Derek Bradley, Richard Hobbs, Director, Regulatory Consulting, Lansons and Alan Lakey, IFA, Partner at Highclere Financial Services as they discuss key points of our RDR survey and whose responsibility it is to educate your clients. They will also comment to the survey's findings on:

  • the elimination of bias in the market;
  • ensuring the adviser is the true agent of the consumer;
  • clarity over the costs of advice;
  • appropriate qualifications for financial advisers.

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Comments (2)

What planet are you on? Clients don’t give a fig about RDR as such. Some might wonder why there is more talk of remuneration, but if adviser charging is used they won’t really follow the nuance between this and commission.
All clients care about is getting decent cost effective advice, they are not interested in the rules and regulations surrounding it. If hitherto they have been unaware of costs that is down to us not disclosing properly; in which case the effects of the RDR on more robust disclosure will have achieved what the Regulator set out to do. I do concede that in these circumstances those advisers who have been less than forthright on this topic will find that they have a lot of explaining to do.

Norwest   20/01/2012   09:15
You are correct, I suspect they do not care. But they will.

If research shows that consumers will only be prepared to pay an average of £155 for a financial review and if charged on an hourly basis, consumers would be prepared to pay an average of £39 an hour for advice they are in for a shock with RDR.

So who delivers the shock message?

cortesin   20/01/2012   16:36


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