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Old Mutual Wealth: We are well prepared to keep providing a service to you & your clients

COVID-19 update for Financial Advisers & Paraplanners

18 Mar 2020

In these unprecedented times, your own health and that of family and friends will clearly be your number one focus. We also know that life and business must go on and we are working hard to ensure our services continue to meet your expectations. I’d like to briefly explain what we’re doing to maintain our high service standards.
What we are doing 
We already have strong business continuity processes in place. Our plans include keeping a watchful eye on the latest government announcements, to ensure we can quickly react as additional measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus are introduced. 
We are taking immediate steps to ensure we can continue to support your needs, including:
  • Enabling colleagues to work from remote locations as necessary (alternate offices or from home), using our secure and tested technology.
  • Making greater use of business tools (online meetings, Skype, Webex, Video conference) to keep in contact with colleagues, advisers and customers.
  • Restrictions on business travel. 
  • Keeping colleagues up to date with the latest government guidance and adapting any internal safety or hygiene protocols as appropriate, including increased levels of cleaning through all our office locations.
  • Supporting colleagues to remain resilient through periods of altered working practices.
Our preparations will help to ensure that you can contact us by email and phone, just as you usually would. In addition, our online services for both advisers and customers also continue to be available.
Encouraging use of our online Customer Centre
If you have clients who aren’t yet using our online Customer Centre, it is well worth encouraging them to activate their account. During this period of uncertainty, the Customer Centre will enable all customers to stay up to date with their investments and have easy access to all documents –
As the situation continues to evolve we will keep adapting to your changing needs and those of your clients. You can keep up to date with any information and changes on our website. In the meantime, I wish you, your family and your clients good health. 
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