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Prudential With Profits Bonus Declaration

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5 Mar 2020

Prudential With Profits Bonus Declaration

Prudential are pleased to announce that due to the strength of the With-profits Fund, they’ve shared additional surplus with some With-profits customers invested in the With-profits Sub Fund.

For traditional and accumulating With-profits customers, they have enhanced the unsmoothed value of their plans by 1.25%. The benefit of this is reflected in this years’ final bonuses and will be reflected in future final bonuses. There’s a chance they might have to take back this extra money to protect the interests of all customers and the financial strength of the fund. Unless something very unusual was to happen, they wouldn’t expect to have to do this.

As their highly successful PruFund fund range is also written in the With-Profits Sub Fund, they’ve shared additional surplus with these customers by increasing the unit price by 0.9% on 26 February 2020.

You can find out more details on their website here.

PruFund Quarterly EGR announcement

This quarter Prudential announced changes to the Expected Growth Rates (EGR) and Unit Price Adjustments (UPA) for the PruFund range of funds.

There are no changes to the EGRs for the Sterling funds (available on onshore and offshore bonds, pensions and ISA) or the Euro funds (available on offshore bonds). However their announcing reductions to the EGRs for the PruFund Growth (Dollar) Fund and the PruFund Cautious (Dollar)Fund.

This quarter end, upward UPAs have been applied to the PruFund funds shown below. Please note, the UPAs also apply to the protected version of the funds, where applicable:

Offshore Life Funds (available on PIIP and IPB)


PruFund Cautious (Euro) Fund


PruFund Cautious (US Dollar) Fund



Find out here about the latest EGRs and UPAs since launch and don’t forget about all the great PruFund support that you can find here.

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