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Pensions and divorce (20 minutes)

16 Jan 2020

20 minute CPD

Often couples know the value of assets such as investments and houses but they don’t know the value of their pensions and these could be the largest asset to be dealt with on divorce.  The divorcing couple need to sit down with their solicitors and financial advisers, not only to discuss how any of their young children’s welfare will be dealt with but also to consider how their assets should be split on their divorce.

Learning outcomes

After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

  • How pensions are valued on divorce
  • Understanding the three options; offsetting, attachment (earmarking) order and pension sharing order
  • How Court orders interact with the Lifetime Allowance, including the impacts on LTA protections

This covers the rules in-depth if you need further detail on any point covered in the Q&As.

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