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Wizard Learning: Learning to Learn audiovisual presentations – part 2 of 3

Learning and Development for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

13 Jan 2020

Wizard Learning: Learning to Learn audiovisual presentations – part 2 of 3

To continue helping to make your studying effective, our second series of Learning to Learn presentations moves from the planning stages to the actual studying process. 

Being organised and having a plan does not mean that you will actually begin studying, so the first presentation looks at some simple steps to help you become motivated and maintain momentum. This is followed by advice and guidance on ways to make information more easily memorable and the studying process more effective. 

The third presentation includes techniques to develop your memory and make the recall of information easier, and finally we emphasise the importance of regular testing sessions to ensure that new information is retained. Incorporating these suggestions into your study process should help you monitor your progress, which in turn should help to maintain your motivation.

Learning to Learn audiovisual presentations

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