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The Exeter: Our new physiotherapy benefit is a big hit with our members

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12 Dec 2019

The Exeter: Our new physiotherapy benefit is a big hit with our members

All of our members and their immediate families have access to HealthWise; our member benefits app, providing access to a variety of wellbeing services. Our physiotherapy service, available to our income protection and health insurance members, is one of our most popular benefits and is available to members without needing to make a claim on their policy.

23% of members who have used HealthWise have used the physiotherapy service

Every single one of whom has received advice or treatment to help them manage their condition and put them on the road to recovery.

How does it work?

HealthWise provides access to a network of UK physiotherapists who can provide initial assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions either over the phone or via video-consultation. Consultations are then followed up by an appropriate treatment plan either digitally or where appropriate through face-to-face support.

94% of members who have used the service are either receiving or have been recommended physiotherapy treatment. The remaining 6% received advice about their condition, with no further intervention necessary. 

Musculoskeletal conditions in the UK

18.8 million people suffered from a musculoskeletal condition in the UK in 20171. And, musculoskeletal related conditions are one of the top reasons we paid an income protection claim in 20182

This goes to show that there is a great need for people to receive specialist support to aid recovery from musculoskeletal conditions through services such as physiotherapy. Support which we are pleased to offer to our members at the tap of an app.

We treat a wide range of conditions

Our members can use the service for any musculoskeletal condition or injury whether it’s just a twinge or something more serious. 

The complementary service has helped to treat a variety of conditions and injuries, including lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, a torn calf muscle, osteoarthritis and Achilles tendinitis. 

To find out more and to begin working with an award-winning insurer, why not organise a webinar or meeting with The Exeter sales team on 0300 123 3207 or email us at

HealthWise is powered by SquareHealth

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