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9 Dec 2019

Wizard Learning - Latest newsletter

Despite having made the decision to study, it can still be difficult to begin and then continue in a way that makes the time you are spending effective. Therefore, to assist you we have created several audiovisual presentations. This first series of presentations focuses on preparing to start studying and covers; being aware of the common mistakes of studying so that you can avoid them, getting well organised with a clearly laid out study plan, using scheduling to keep you on track and focused and finally, identifying when is your best time to study to ensure you are always at your most receptive for learning and memorising information. By following these simple tips and techniques you should get off to a great start and immediately see positive results.

Learning to Learn audiovisual presentations

R06 January expected solution

The Wizard Learning Expected Solution Package includes a detailed analysis of the two case studies issued by the CII two weeks prior to the R06 exam.

Purchase your expected solution package now and get access to many features to start preparing for the exam in advance of our expected solution being issued 7 days before the exam date. We will be covering all exam dates in 2020.

The Expected Solution Packages offers MORE than any other training provider: 

  • Technical content for research
  • Exam technique with access to past expected solutions and mock exams
  • An online advice skills course

R06 Expected Solution

R06 and AF5 Expected Solution Packages

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