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Transparency Task Force: The woes of Woodford - who needs to learn what?

Investment seminar for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

12 Nov 2019

Transparency Task Force: The woes of Woodford - who needs to learn what?

The overall purpose of this particular symposium is to shine a bright light onto the important topic of costs/charges, in keeping with TTF’s mission to help fix what’s wrong in financial services, so consumers get a better deal; and trust and confidence can be restored 

You can expect to be amongst progressively minded and collaboratively minded people who are keen to explore how financial services should be reformed.  

We’ll be covering two topics: 

“The Woes of Woodford” - who needs to learn what?”

The harsh reality is that the Woodford saga is the latest of a very, very long list of issues that have caused significant reputational damage for the financial services sector.  

We’ll be seeking to understand issues such as: 

  • How could what happened have happened, despite decades of regulatory interventions designed to protect consumers from harm? 
  • Was it avoidable or inevitable?
  • What were the root causes of the problem?
  • Did Woodford stay within his fund’s remit, or not?
  • What part did Hargreaves Lansdown play?
  • What does the case tell us about the lack of client-centricity?
  • What damage has been done to the brand of active management in general?
  • Can we initiate some kind of “reputational reboot” for the sector?
  • Could it; or something like it happen again?
  • Is there scope for litigation to seek redress for those that have lost out?
  • Who needs to learn what? - who'll do the teaching?

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Thursday 14th November:

We start with registration and lunch at 12:00; the meeting proper starts at 13:00 and we wrap up at 17:00*.


24A St John St, Clerkenwell  
London EC1M 4AY

*The session itself will end at 17:00 but Lansons have very kindly agreed to provide drinks afterwards, for those that want to stay on for relaxed discussion and networking.


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