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Nucleus: Be illuminated

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1 Oct 2019

Nucleus: Be illuminated

We’ve been running our successful illuminate proposition since 2015. It’s an online hub designed to help advisers build and share knowledge in areas that are vital to the successful development of their business. It’s designed to complement illuminate live events that we held across the country each year. The knowledge centre provides inspiring content from experts across the industry and encourages the sharing of content from advisers to advisers. The content is made available on our corporate website allowing our adviser community to access the information at any time.  

In 2016, we launched illuminate learn - an online learning portal allowing people to choose from a range of courses, from personal development or studying for diploma or chartered level exams. 

To add to the already blossoming illuminate hub, we also added illuminate technical in May 2017. Illuminate technical provides online support and guidance and is a core part of the illuminate website known as ‘technical studio’. The technical studio is regularly updated by our product technical team with FAQs, factsheets, videos and case studies on a range of different technical topics, including, but not limited to, pensions, taxation, budgets and bonds.  Our aim is to make the complex simple by taking the rafts of technical legislation and regulations and translating them into simple bite-size pieces which are easy for our users to understand. 

Have a look around illuminate and all it has to offer.

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