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Prudential: Handling income and investments with care webinar

Savings webinar for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

12 Sep 2019

Prudential: Handling income and investments with care webinar

Register to join one of Prudential’s webinar sessions on Wednesday 18 September,to help you identify new opportunities with your clients.  

You'll qualify for 60 minutes structured CPD 

On this webinar Vince Smith - Hughes will introduce sessions from Neil MacLeod, Technical Manager at Prudential, and Tony Miles, Technical Director of My Care Consultant on:

  • the role of care navigators in helping financial advisers deliver a joined up care advice offering to their clients;
  • how income and savings/investments are treated in respect of Local Authority Financial assessments, when it comes to determining the extent to which a person's Local Authority will pay towards eligible social care needs; and 
  • closing with a discussion on 'deprivation of assets', the term used by Local Authorities when they believe someone has made a gift or transfer of assets to a third party. 

Register for your chosen session here.

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