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Aviva: How the technological landscape is changing the advice market

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19 Jul 2019

Aviva: How the technological landscape is changing the advice market

Keeping up with the latest technology and trends can help to give you an edge by unlocking new opportunities for your business. In a series of articles published by Aviva, Ian McKenna, Managing Director of FTRC, shares his views on how the technological landscape is changing the advice market, and what it means for you and your clients.

Is artificial intelligence a threat for financial advisers?

With artificial intelligence getting smarter all the time, what will it mean for financial advisers? With developments on artificial intelligence (AI) seemingly being referenced weekly, it can really make you question if AI is something to be welcomed or feared. 

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Why advice firms need a clear technology roadmap

Technology is advancing more rapidly than ever and transforming almost every area of our lives – including the financial advice market. With technology not looking to slow down anytime soon, Ian McKenna looks at why putting in place a clear technology roadmap is key.

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