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Guardian: Imagine Wembley stadium 52 times over…

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13 Jun 2019

Guardian: Imagine Wembley stadium 52 times over…

3.8m people in the UK are living with diabetes – that’s 5% of the population, and the equivalent to filling Wembley stadium 52 times over.1And, this number is expected to rise significantly over the next 5 years. Diabetes UK also report that most people living with diabetes have encountered difficulties arranging insurance.2Raising awareness of the issue is timely, given its National Diabetes Awareness week this week.

At Guardian, we want to make sure that diabetes isn’t a limiting factor when accessing life cover, because people deserve to be suitably protected. Julie Hopkins, Director of Underwriting and Claims Strategy says, “we’ll always do our utmost to insure those with diabetes, as quickly as possible, because for us, it’s about making sure every family has appropriate protection”. 

Our Underwriting Qi tool lets you assess the insurability of a diabetic client, any potential premium rating, and any medical evidence requirements - before having that advice conversation.  In many cases we’re able to offer terms without the need for medical evidence, trusting the information your client gives us.

There’s lots of reasons to choose Life Protection from Guardian, including built-in Premium Waiver as standard and market-leading terminal illness. 

To discover more about Guardian, Underwriting Qi and how to register to submit business, visit:  

Find out more about the diabetes in the UK here: 


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