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Simon Conn: Brexit comment

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6 Jun 2019

Simon Conn: Brexit comment

Overseas property and finance expert Simon Conn says people are continuing to buy homes abroad, despite the ongoing issues with Brexit. 

“Everyone keeps asking me what effect Brexit is having on the overseas property market. I would say that it is picking up and we’re still busy even with the problems with Brexit,” Simon said.

“We continue to get lots of enquiries for people looking to buy in European countries – subject to their personal overall financial profile and property valuation - such as Portugal (maximum 80% loan-to-value), France (maximum 80/85% loan-to-value), Spain (maximum 70% loan-to-value) and Italy (maximum 60% loan-to-value).

“I think that the indecision with Brexit is forcing people to make a decision and they are still moving forward with purchases for holiday homes, future retirement homes and for rental/investment purposes. 

“Whichever way they voted, people seem to be fed up with waiting to see what is going to happen. They cannot put their lives on hold and avoid changing jobs and buying property while waiting for the outcome of Brexit before they proceed,” he said. 

Simon Conn ( is an official partner of FEIFA – Federation of European IFAs. FEIFA ( is a non-profit trade body that represents and assists English-speaking advisers that are either based in mainland Europe or have clients there. The Federation also actively assists UK-based advisers to obtain the relevant knowledge - or to work in conjunction with appropriately regulated European advisers – in order to continue advising clients that emigrate or have assets overseas.
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