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24 Apr 2019

SRI Services & Fund EcoMarket Newsletter

Things have once again been pretty interesting in sustainable, responsible and ethical investment (SRI) recently, particularly with public opinion  being piqued by developments that I would barely have dared dream possible even five years ago. 

Media interest is of course higher than ever, thanks in no small part to 16 year old Swedish school girl Greta Thunberg, last week's documentary by David Attenborough (92)  'Climate Change - The Facts' (if you have not seen it yet you should check it out on BBC iPlayer) and of course the headline grabbing Extinction Rebellion.

If nothing else this mix points to the risk of focusing too heavily on SRI being viewed as 'for millennial's.  There is little doubt that this age group is better informed (and more 'switched on') about sustainability than most - but they are absolutely not alone with their fears, hopes for the future or indeed their desire to be part of the solution.  These evidently range from ages 16 to 92 - and most probably beyond!

Fund EcoMarket news

I would firstly like to extend a huge welcome and thank you to our longstanding friends, ethical investment stalwarts EdenTree - who came on board as a supporter of Fund EcoMarket last month... helping us to do even more and keep the information we provide free to use!


Fund EcoMarket user news

I recently published a blog listing the top 50 searches people had carried out via the filter options on Fund EcoMarket.  The top 10 are listed below, you can find the rest of the list here . (These are calculated from a total of 4849* 'events' ie clicks).  Use of the site also continues to rise rapidly with our ‘unique user’ count at 968 in March!

1.     OEIC/Unit Trust
2.     Equity
3.     Sustainability Themed
4.     Global
5.     Mixed Asset
6.     UK
7.     Environmentally Themed
8.     Fixed Interest
9.     Environmental policy
10.   Ethically Balanced

Tool updates
Fund EcoMarket continues to be updated quarterly (in case you wondered).  We list all 'regulated, retail, onshore Life, Pension, OEIC and IT funds'  plus a few SICAVs and DFMs effectively 'by invitation only'.  If there are additional collective investment funds that you would like us to include that are FCA regulated / recognised please let me know and we will see what we can find out for you.

You may have noticed that we have added new filter options to Fund EcoMarket recently.  Data is still coming in from fund managers on these so please be aware fund lists may be incomplete (for options marked 'New').   Adding new options means we have to survey all fund managers - so we only extend the list once or occasionally twice a year - but we are always interested in 'logging' requests for additional filter options, so do please keep in touch!


Our new videos!
I have recently had the (somewhat dubious!) pleasure of recording some videos to help people undersand SRI and how to use Fund EcoMarket better.  The links to all three are below - or you can see all our videos on the SRI Services YouTube Channel here.

On this note however I'd like to request a favour... Could you please click 'Subscribe to Channel' on my YouTube area?  I am truly no YouTube expert, but evidently we can not change the channel address (url) until we have 100 subscribers - we have 7!  (Needless to say we won't be spamming you with videos, but this will help us to make our videos easier for others to find!)

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