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Prudential CPD Compilation – Lifetime Allowance

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17 Apr 2019

Prudential CPD Compilation – Lifetime Allowance

A top reason advisers use Prudential’s website is to find information about Lifetime Allowance (LTA). Although the LTA has increased to £1,055,000 from 6 April 2019, many members have pension funds above this level and could be subject to LTA excess tax charges. Here's a quick reminder on LTA while earning structured CPD.

The articles below cover: 

  • How Lifetime Allowance is used by the value of pensions paid/settled at a benefit crystallisation event (BCE)
  • How pension income in payment before 6 April 2006 uses up LTA immediately before the first BCE on, or after 6 April 2006
  • LTA protections from 2016 are still available for eligible applicants
  • How the beneficiary of pension death benefits is liable for LTA excess charges due, after death benefits are settled

CPD certificate 

To get your CPD certificate after you've read the articles, you need to visit our Test Centre and take the test. 

Article One: Lifetime Allowance (LTA) Q&A

Answering the most common questions their asked, helping you see how the facts work in real life scenarios. 

Take 16 minutes to read>>

Article Two: Lifetime Allowance: The facts 

This covers the rules in depth, if you need further details on any point covered in the Q&As. 

Takes 19 minutes to read>>

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