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Guardian: When the Wheel of Life says your client can’t work…

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8 Apr 2019

Guardian: When the Wheel of Life says your client can’t work…

Most providers offer waiver of premium as an optional extra, but it normally comes with a cost. The reality is, trying to upsell protection is an already difficult task. That’s why at Guardian our built-in Premium Waiver comes as standard.  So, if we offer someone cover, they automatically get waiver, regardless of their age, occupation or any sports they play.

What does this mean for your client? If they’re unable to work or are made redundant, their premiums won’t become a burden. Uniquely, we’ll also waive their premiums for 6 months after they’ve had a baby.

Spin the Wheel of Life and discover how our policies protect your clients, no matter what the future holds, at: 

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