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Prudential Investment Matters webinar

Investment Webinar for Financial Advisers & Paraplanners

22 Mar 2019

Prudential Investment Matters webinar

Join Prudential’s Investment Matters webinar on 28 March at 2pm and hear about the following:  

It’s an established philosophy that there are three essential elements to a healthy mind set,  

•           Learn from the past 

•           Plan for the future 

•           Live in the present. 

This philosophy also applies to the world of investments. A world where it’s important to build a well-grounded approach that can deliver the best combination of risk and return at any one point in the future.  

You’ll hear from Prudential’s Portfolio Management Group, our Investment Business Development Managers and representatives from M&G covering the following areas: 

  • Learnings from 2018 – what happened to markets, how they responded, their key driver for performance and risk, and how PruFund performed
  • Plan for 2019 and beyond– what they expect from the markets, their risk management strategies developed to respond to challenges and issues, and where they expect the global growth to come from     
  • Action– the changes we’re making to Prudential's range of multi-asset funds and why, and how their evolving as a collaborative Prudential and M&G business.

Register here

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