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Royal London: Promote the value of your advice

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11 Mar 2019

Royal London: Promote the value of your advice

When it comes to talking to your clients about protection, we know you can typically run into some obstacles along the way. One of the common objections you might come up against is that your clients think it’s easier and cheaper to go online and do it themselves.

Before this happens, you have an opportunity to remind them of the value you add - everything from trusts and guardianship, to regulatory protection, to specially-tailored, bespoke solutions.

Of course, you already know that. But do your prospects and clients?

To help you showcase your expertise, we’ve created a new article that you can share with them - Seven things you didn’t know a financial adviser could do for you.

And to help clients understand the advice process better, you can also share our short guide to getting ready for financial advice.

Visit our website to explore more of our tools and support to help you with your client conversations.


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