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Kinder Institute: Join our Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshops and Receive CE Credits!

Business Development event for Financial Advisers & Paraplanners

9 Jan 2019

Kinder Institute: Join our Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshops and Receive CE Credits!

A Model for Understanding and Developing Client Relationships

A two-day workshop that will help you improve your ability to inspire clients to action toward their goals and establish broader and deeper relationships with your clients, making them clients for life. This workshop trains advisers to help their clients find freedom and financial security by developing clarity and ease around their relationship to money. George Kinder or Louis Vollebregt will be leading these workshops. The Kinder Institute’s proven method is used by thousands of successful advisers worldwide. All spoken in English unless noted under the date.

February 11 - 12, 2019 London, UK

You will learn:

  • How to integrate life goals with financial realities.
  • How unexamined beliefs about money disrupt the advisory process—and what to do about it.
  • To recognize the human dimensions of money such as self-sabotaging behavior, inappropriate risk-taking, lack of interest in executing a plan, and goal confusion—and how to address them.
  • How to use our famous “Three Questions” methodology to connect to clients’ deeper goals—even those that may be closely guarded.
  • The workshop includes nearly a dozen experiential exercises, practice with three key written exercises you can use with clients, and a three-hour practical introduction to the 5-stage EVOKE® client interview process that is more fully elaborated in our 5-day Advanced Training.

Adviser benefits:

  1. Enhances the ability of the adviser to empathize with the client, building trust.
  2. Improves the ability of the adviser to inspire the client to action toward their goals and
  3. toward financial action.
  4. Access to listening, empathy and goal exercises for use with clients.
  5. Gives the adviser a philosophical and psychological framework to understand client behavior.
  6. Increase closing ratios—fewer wasted opportunities.
  7. Get effortless referrals—even after the first meeting!
  8. Build assets under management and planning revenue from all your clients

Space is limited, so sign up quickly as these courses have already started booking.

Click here for more Information on the 2-Day training.

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