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Royal London: The state will provide, won’t it?

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10 Dec 2018

Royal London: The state will provide, won’t it?

“I don’t need it” is probably a common objection you hear when talking to your clients about income protection.

But unless they’ve built up substantial savings, how would they expect to replace their income if they were unable to work through illness or injury?

Many people think that if they couldn’t work or had a long-term illness the government would help them out financially – but over the years that safety net has been getting cut back.  

And if your clients qualify for support, it’s likely they’ll need to jump through hoops like filling in complex application forms or face appeal processes and long waiting times*.

The benefits included in our Income Protection, as well as the support available through Helping Hand, means your clients get the help they need before, during and after they make a claim on their main cover. 

Find out how Income Protection can help your clients get the help they need, when they need it.


*Source:, November 2018.

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