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Prudential: A birthday to celebrate

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11 Dec 2018

Prudential: A birthday to celebrate

Prudential’s PruFund Growth in pensions is about to have its 10thbirthday. 

Do you remember your 10thbirthday? Maybe you do as generally it is a fairly seismic event. You’re probably more likely to remember it if you had a particularly happy experience – perhaps a new bike, a gathering of friends, or some kind of other treat.

However, there’s something about to have its 10thbirthday which hopefully has made many people happy over the years – PruFund Growth in pensions is about to have its 10thbirthday. Whilst the life fund has been around in different guises since 2004, the pensions fund was a bit late to the party and didn’t launch till November 2008.

Overall PruFund in all its different tax wrappers continues to attract significant volumes. £4.4 billion was invested in the range of PruFunds during the first half of 2018 alone. Inflows in recent years have benefited from the introduction of pension freedoms as advisers seek to find ways to meet clients drawdown needs.

Why would this benefit PruFund particularly? It might help to consider the first two risks identified in the recent (and I must say excellent) good practice guide to advised pension income drawdown produced by the Personal Finance Society.

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