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Clients value annuities more than you may think

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10 Dec 2018

Clients value annuities more than you may think

We know annuities have suffered from a poor perception of value over the past few years, and yet some consumers who are familiar with annuities, consider them to be good value, when asked what they’d consider a good annual rate of return..

Our recent research of more than 2,000 over-55sshowed that nearly three quarters don’t like taking risks with their money, and over half said financial security was the most important thing to them at this stage in their life. 

It also highlighted that annuities have the potential to meet the needs of retirees who just want to know how much money they’ll have each month, and be reassured that it won’t run out.

Find out more about how Legal & General are challenging perceptions about the value of annuities.


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