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Guardian: Life protection your clients’ can grow into

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19 Nov 2018

Guardian: Life protection your clients’ can grow into

Most life cover policies are pretty basic. But at Guardian we want to make sure our customers’ cover keeps pace with their lives. So, we give you more ways to adapt your clients’ policies to their changing needs. And we’ve made it easy too.

Just choose Payout Planner when applying to avoid probate delays. With our Reserved Cover, you can add or increase cover for up to 27 months – on the same terms as at outset. Terminal illness pays out on diagnosis of certain illnesses, such as stage 4 cancer. To use a GIO, just send us an email. Premium Waiver comes as standard – at no extra cost, too. Children’s Critical Illness Protection and Fracture Plus Protection can be added to Life Protection at any time. 

It all means that our life cover is a great conversation opener and the perfect foundation to a wider protection plan.

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