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Ethical Investment for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

8 Nov 2018

sriServices and Fund EcoMarket news

Events Videos now available

SRI Event highlights

This is primarily to let you know that the videos from our 3 October 'Sustainability & Suitability' event are now available on our YouTube site that you can view here!

  • To get a flavour of the event I suggest you look at the Event Highlights video. 
  • Lord Deben (John Gummer) 's amazing speech pretty much received full marks on all the feedback forms on the day (I would suggest this is essential viewing for anyone interested in this area!)
  •  I would also strongly recommend viewing all of the others as they are well worth watching given that they offer such different perspectives on funds, portfolios, industry issues and ongoing developments!

The recently loaded videos (in the order they appeared on the event agenda) are listed below:

  • Event highlights video (2 mins - see link above)
  • Welcome, SRI market overview & update videos:
    • SRI Services and Fund EcoMarket founder Julia Dreblow
    • UKSIF CEO – Simon Howard
  • Brief overview of recent  developments videos from:
    • British Standards Institute (BSI), Maria Varbeva-Daley
    • ZSL (Zoological Society of London), Eleanor Spencer talking about ‘SPOTT: Business and Biodiversity Programme’ (Palm Oil)
  • SRI fund manager presentation over view videos from:
    • JanusHenderson – Hamish Chamberlain, fund manager and Head of SRI, Global Sustainable Equity Fund
    • Kames Capital – Craig Bonthron, fund manager, Global Sustainable Equity Fund
    • Liontrust – Chris Foster, investment analyst, Sustainable Future Funds
    • M&G – Ben Constable-Maxwell, deputy fund manager, Positive Impact Fund
    • Rathbones – Bryn Jones, Head of Fixed Income, fund manager, Ethical Bond Fund
    • Sarasin & Partners – Alex Bibani, fund manager, Responsible Global Equity Fund (video coming soon)
    • Unicorn – Simon Moon & Fraser Mackersie, joint fund managers, Ethical Income Fund
  • DFM / portfolio planner panel session video: ‘What does ‘sustainable and suitable’ mean to us, what do we look for when selecting funds in this market?’
    • RSMR – Stuart Ryan
    • Financial Express – Charles Younes
    • EQ Investors  – Damien Lardoux
    • Tribe Impact Capital – Amy Clarke
    • Rathbone Greenbank Investments – Kate Elliot
  • Key note speaker:
    • Lord Deben, Chairman of Sancroft and Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) speaking on:  ‘Climate change and why it matters to investors’

A further important item is that the FCA are looking at sustainable investment and recently issued a consultation paper on this.  I will follow up on this separately, but in the meantime you can download their consultation via my recent blog here.

Industry developments
There are too many additional activities to mention them all, but a few you might like to look into include investor coalitions Climate Action , RE100 and the social impact work of  UK NAB.   The work of the PLSA is also looking interesting as they have recently said publicly that climate change is a risk to pensions (in line with statements from the Bank of England, the Institute of Actuaries and others).

These are of course in addition to the ever valuable work carried out by UKSIF and the increasingly vocal Transparency Taskforce (both of which I am happy to declare an involvement with).

All of these of course pale into insignificance when compared with the impact of the wonderful Blue Planet series – however public opinion does not always get through to companies so this is where investment professionals come in to their own!

Julia Dreblow

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