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Read the first issue of Enlightenment, the funds magazine from Baillie Gifford

Investment commentary for Financial Adviser and Paraplanners

11 Oct 2018

We are delighted to bring you the first issue of Enlightenment, the funds magazine from Baillie Gifford.  

It’s the chance for you to read the news and views of the teams involved in running Baillie Gifford’s funds.
Following Europe's Visionary Leaders
European Fund manager Stephen Paice on why some of the most exciting investment opportunities preside in start-up hubs in cities such as Stockholm and Berlin.
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Playing the Long Game in the US Markets
Ben James on why, despite recent stock market uncertainty, there is an uncharacteristic mood of rationality on Wall Street.
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Backing the Bosses in Japan
Alex Blake on why there is more to consider than short-term earnings forecasts when looking at Japanese companies.
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