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SRI services: 'Sustainability & Suitability' Intermediary conference

Ethical Investing for Financial advisers and Parapanners

13 Sep 2018

SRI services: 'Sustainability & Suitability' Intermediary conference

'Sustainability & Suitability' Intermediary conference 

In case you missed this over the summer here are a gentle reminder about the our Good Money Week 2018 London Conference - which we would like to invite you to!  (Please ignore this email if you have signed up already). 

This year's highly topical theme is: 'Sustainability and Suitability' .   Sessions will focus on helping attendees to understand and make the most of the opportunities presented by the rapidly growing SRI, ESG, Sustainable, Responsible and Ethical investment market.  

Running from 12.00 - 7.30 on Wednesday 3 October, the conference will retain the popular format of our 'Screened, Themed and Engaged' events, with a combination of fund manager 'round table' sessions and presentations.

Sign up here.

The fund manager round table sessions will be hosted by:
  • JanusHenderson – Hamish Chamberlain - Global Sustainable Equity Fund, fund manager & Head of SRI
  • Kames Capital – Craig Bonthron - Global Sustainable Equity Fund, fund manager
  • Liontrust – Mike Appleby - Sustainable Future Funds, fund manager
  • M&G – John William Olsen - Director of Global Equities, fund manager
  • Rathbones – David Harrison  - Manager Global Sustainability Fund, fund manager
  • Sarasin & Partners – Alex Bibani - Responsible Global Equity Fund, fund manager
  • Unicorn – Simon Moon & Fraser Mackersie - Ethical Income Fund, fund managers
Other speakers will include Simon Howard (CEO UKSIF), a speaker from London Zoo, a panel of five (very different!)  SRI / ethical / Impact focused DFMs & Portfolio Planners - and myself (founder of SRI Services and the  Fund EcoMarket fund tool).  

Our keynote speaker this year will be Lord Deben, a renowned climate change expert and chair of PIMFA and Sancroft.

When?  3rd October 2018

Where? The MermaidPuddle Dock (near Blackfriars), London

What time?  Midday to 7.30pm

  • 12.00 Register / sandwich buffet lunch
  • 12.45  Welcome / conference begins
  • 5.30   End of formal proceedings / bar opens
  • 7.30   Event closes

Register (here) to attend our London event on Wednesday 3 October 2018.

You are welcome to pass this invitation to interested colleagues, but do please register early to avoid disappointment. (The event is filling up fast and we have a maximum capacity of 150).  The conference is free for financial services intermediaries (only) to attend thanks to the generosity of the fund managers listed above.  

Read more here.

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Comments (1)

This looks like the ESG tail wagging the Investment dog.

According to Morningstar one of the best ESG funds is JOHCM UK Opportunities. Over the 5 years to 27th September 2018 it produced 84.3%. That's a compound annual return of about 7%. Pity it is just restricted to the UK.

Some random comparisons:

Over the same period the Fundsmith Fund made 155% (about 20% annual compound)

Several Investment Trusts did even better. LIndsell Train for example 270.7% over the period.

Just for balance let's take a couple of specifically non ESG shares: Raytheon - 161.6% and Northrop Grumman 91.4% over the period.

I may be odd or old fashioned but I always thought the purpose of investing was to make money. If you want to good you gave some of your profit to charity.

Harry Katz   02/10/2018   11:47


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