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Prudential: Never mind the volatility, feel the drawdown

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9 Aug 2018

Prudential: Never mind the volatility, feel the drawdown

With many commentators speculating about the return of volatility, and getting back to more “normal” conditions for investment markets, how do we achieve that all important downside protection when dealing with estate planning? Paul Fidell, Head of Business Development at Prudential goes into more detail. 

Let’s be honest, we have had it pretty good for investment markets for some time now.

If we look at the period since the end of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) - let’s call that the end of 2008 – market volatility has undoubtedly been dampened down by the use of tools such as quantitative easing in many of the developed economies. As a result, recent volatility for most of the major asset classes has been pretty benign, and certainly below long-term averages. We can see this by comparing a 5 year figure to a longer term 15 year one for some of the major equity indices.

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