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Investec Wealth & Investment: More Bark Than Bite? Weekly Digest

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12 Apr 2018

Investec Wealth & Investment: More Bark Than Bite? Weekly Digest

Welcome to this week's edition of Weekly Digest; a topical in-house review of world stock markets and the global economy.

In this week's Weekly Digest our Head of Investment Strategy, John Wyn-Evans, looks at the threat from protecionism. Here's a little excerpt from this week's issue...

"The big thing that has happened is the return of volatility to markets, notably equities. I must admit that we were somewhat premature in predicting this would happen last year, but through 2017 there was a perfect combination of accelerating global growth and tame inflation that kept volatility repressed. Now the inflation cat has at least one paw out of the bag and growth, while still very acceptable, is no longer accelerating (and could be under threat from President Trump’s protectionist policies) – and this when global central banks are gradually reducing liquidity.”.

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