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Utmost Wealth Solutions: Wealth of Difference

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8 Mar 2018

Utmost Wealth Solutions: Wealth of Difference

There has been a lot of recent market commentary around consolidation in the offshore bond market. But there is a ‘Wealth of Difference’ between companies with a highly active open book acquisition strategy, and those that are simply looking to add business to their already closed book. One should also be wary of ‘failed’ consolidators, i.e. those who managed to acquire a smaller competitor business, but then have failed to acquire anything further.
The completion of the Generali PanEurope acquisition in May will make Utmost Wealth Solutions the 2nd largest International Bond franchise in Europe, with an appetite to grow even further. A franchise that is open to new business, with 5 star product ratings and distribution coverage across the IOM, UK, Channel Islands, Ireland, Europe and the Far East.
When we launched Utmost Wealth Solutions we wanted a brand that grew; a new fresh approach to a mature life-company market; and an infrastructure to launch across the globe. We have all three. We also have a passion to make a Wealth of Difference to our advisers and customers.
So beware of anyone who tells you all consolidators are the same!

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