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Oh! Jeremy Corbyn

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1 Feb 2018

Oh! Jeremy Corbyn

Whether you’re chanting it from a tent in Glastonbury or howling it at Radio 4 in despair, the name Jeremy Corbyn tends to incite some rather impassioned reactions.

Our job is to try to work out what a Corbyn–led government might mean for the UK economy and its financial markets. That’s not an easy one in this case given the difficulty of reconciling the 2017 Labour manifesto with the radicalism claimed by many of Jeremy Corbyn’s acolytes. 

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Comments (2)

Well worth a read!

Finspeak   05/02/2018   10:22
Rather a lengthy tome. In short - everyone needs a Plan B - and the best plan B is to get everything prepared so that you can emigrate ASAP before that lunatic gets anywhere near No.10. I certainly shall if it looks like Labour forming a government.

Harry Katz   05/02/2018   16:19


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