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Prudential: Iíll think about my pension next year

Pensions news for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

25 Jan 2018

Prudential: Iíll think about my pension next year

If you have clients who want to make large contributions then it’s important that they are always scooping up Annual Allowance from the earliest years possible.

"I'll think about my pension next year". It isn’t unusual for clients to make this statement. Often they think they can leave it until they have more money, have paid off the mortgage, built up the business and so on. That strategy used to work. However, the reduction in Annual Allowance (AA), removal of year of vesting exemption and the potential for the tapered Annual Allowance to apply at some point makes it harder to build up the same size of funds as before. Making sure allowances are used could be crucial.

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