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Schroders: Global macro: What to expect in 2018 - webconferences in December

Investment webconferences for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

20 Nov 2017

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In December, Investment Trust Fund Managers, Sue Noffkeand Tony Smedley provide an update on their respective trusts and Keith Wade shares his economic outlook for 2018.

Schroder Income Growth Fund plc

5 December 2017


Please join Sue Noffke, Fund Manager, as she provides an update on the Schroder Income Growth Fund plc, which is currently in its 22nd unbroken year of raising dividends for shareholders since launch*.


Fund information


Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust - annual results 

6 December 2017


To coincide with the announcement of results, please join Tony Smedley, Head of Continental European Real Estate Investment and Andrew MacDonald, Head of Real Estate Finance, for a year-end update.

Fund information 


Global macro: What to expect in 2018

13 December 2017


Please join Keith Wade, Chief Economist, as he shares his economic outlook and asset allocation strategy for 2018.


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