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Donít forget the currency!

Special Offer for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

1 Aug 2017

Come on we’ve all been there! The holiday has been booked for months - we’ve had endless trips to the shops for the kids’ new clothes and I’ve managed to find the plug socket adapters from wherever they got “safely” put last year.  The subject of currency comes up, only to be quickly forgotten in the chaos that is involved with getting my family ready for a holiday. 

Every year with the best will in the world, currency is the one thing that I forget. There is nothing more frustrating than standing at an airport conversion kiosk asking for foreign currency, knowing that had I remembered to organise it a couple of weeks ago, I could have saved enough to pay for a dinner out during our holiday.

Now, you can benefit from great rates if you purchase your travel money in advance with Panacea Adviser. For example on 4th June 2016 you would’ve saved €101.60 on a £1,000 purchase with Panacea vs MoneyCorp at LGW (South Terminal).

Another great reason we entered a partnership with City Forex.

City Forex is a forward thinking team who have identified a great opportunity to save people like me the aforementioned pain. Order currency online quickly and easily, either from your desk at work (ssssh!) or your tablet at home before 3pm and it will be delivered to your door the next day.

Where’s the catch I hear you ask? Surely they will load the rate so I’ll be getting fewer Euros/Dollars for the privilege?

Actually no, you’ll probably get better rates than the most used online providers and certainly better than those airport locations. On 4th June 2014 the CityForex rate beat the Post Office, Travelex, M&S, Sainsburys, Thomas Cook and TUI.

OK then, I bet they’ll charge me for the delivery to make up for it. 

Again no, if you exchange more than £750 then there is no charge; if you exchange less then there’s a small £6.50 fee to cover the insured recorded/signed for secure delivery.

So I’ll have to be in during the week to sign for it?

No again, they do Saturday deliveries too or you can collect from the sorting office. They also offer all the major currencies – not just Euros or US dollars.

Order today at 

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