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The Value of Value investing webcast

Free investment webcast to support Financial Advisers

7 Jun 2017

The Value of Value investing webcast
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Comments (2)

Buying at the top of the market ? Who knows when that is ? Value proposition is buying an asset - not a financial instrument. Using low mortgage interest rates inefficiently, which means instead of using the additional savings they at squandered instead of being invested in tax efficient savings with tax relief - building up ready to pay off Loans and Mortgages if interest rates increase - or you are sincere about paying off your mortgage. For those who do not care - Keep paying the Bank or lender over and above their high charges !

Ian Lees   17/07/2017   08:08
Hi Ian

Thank you for your comment above.

Absolutely paying off debt should be a priority over investing Ė but that is a completely different scenario to what this particular webcast focusses on.

Did you have a chance to watch the webcast yet and if so did you enjoy it? We have had received some great feedback on it!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Marketing Director, Panacea Adviser

Sarah Paul   07/08/2017   15:36


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