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HR Guide: Staff appraisals

HR update for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

20 Apr 2017

HR Guide: Staff appraisals

Your staff are likely to carry out their roles better and feel more content if there is a structured system for talking to theirline manager. During the appraisal process they can obtain feedback, help and advice on how to improve and develop within their role and within the company.

It is recommended that appraisals are carried out every six months as this will ensure:

Compensation guidelines are established. Compensation is the single best way to reward job performance and the appraisal process is the best way to consistently track exceptional performance.

Strengths and weaknesses are tracked.  This then allows hiring managers within the company to look back over the applicant’s work history and find the best internal candidates for promotion.

Employees receive the necessary feedback to improve their on the job performance. By giving employees feedback  about their performance on a regular basis, managers open up the lines of communication and enable a positive working relationship.

Any additional training and continuing professional development requirements are discussed and can subsequently be organised.

At the appraisal you will:

Review the employee previous performance against previous objectives set to determine if they have been met, and to what standard. Conversations about good and bad performance can be difficult to conduct, so ensure that you have researched how to deal with certain situations prior to the meeting.

Gain feedback as to how the employee felt the objectives were met, if they are enjoying the role, what they would like to do more of in the future and if they have any key skills that are not being utilised.

Agree the next six months of goals and requirementsof their job role. Discuss the abilities and personal attributes they will need to achieve them.

When discussing goals and objectives, also factor in how these will be monitored on an ongoing basis so they can be adjusted as necessary.

Understand that all colleagues are different and need varied styles of management, what may work for one colleague may not work for another.

Ensure that you do not discriminate against employees in the way you manage performance because of their age, race, sex, disability, religion or belief or sexual orientation.

Please click on this link to download appraisal templates

Here are some of the templates available:

Appraisal form based on job objectives

Self appraisal form

Appraisal questionnaire

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