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New Software Survey and Analysis from across the pond

Technology update for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

27 Feb 2017

New Software Survey and Analysis from across the pond

The technology options for professional financial planners and advisors are evolving at a dizzyingly rapid rate.

Every week, we see new options, new integrations, and ever-more-powerful features. Even the most basic questions are being turned on their heads. 

Once it seemed as if the more advanced CRM programs would be the integration hub of the technology stack. 

Now, with Fidelity WealthCentral and TD Ameritrade Institutional’s new VEO One, the custodians are bidding for that role.

Once it seemed that the client asset management software would become the key client portal solution. Now the success of eMoney’s portal suggests that the financial planning program may be a more appropriate option.

Download this special report now for an analysis of the market share and user satisfaction rates in the financial planning/investment advisor space.

This survey was created to help advisors better understand today’s technology options, using real-world input from their professional peers.

We asked members of the T3, Advisor Perspectives and Inside Information communities to tell us what tools and solutions they’re currently using, and we asked them to rate them on a scale of 1-10. 

It was created with help and input from me, Joel Bruckenstein of T3, and the team at Advisor Perspectives/AP Viewpoint created the instrument itself. Bob Veres of Inside Information conducted the study’s design, and the analysis.

T3 Technology Hub subscribers are getting the first opportunity to freely download and benefit from the 2017 Software Survey.

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