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Sytner Affinity: Beat the tax man!

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19 Jan 2017

Sytner Affinity: Beat the tax man!

From 1st April 2017.

UK    tax    on    newly    registered    vehicles    is    changing.    Going forwards,  all  new  cars  (except  for  zero  emission  vehicles) will  be  subject   to   first   year   tax   rates   based   on   the   CO2 emissions,   followed   by   a   standard   rate   of   £140   in
subsequent years.

In   addition   to   this,   any   vehicle   over   £40,000   will   incur   an additional  charge  of  £310  per  annum  for  the  next  five  years. This  means  that  vehicles  registered  from  1st  April  2017priced over £40,000 will pay £450 for the next five years.

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