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Bento for One Webcast – Making your ideas come alive

Free webcast to support Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

21 Dec 2016

Bento for One Webcast – Making your ideas come alive

Edward De Bono the renowned business coach and creative thinker was recently asked “what is the most important piece of advice for businesses in our challenging times”, the answer he gave was “appoint a Chief Ideas Officer”!

Great ideas can save time, improve processes, make you work smarter but more importantly they can make a business more profitable.

The hard part is coming up with those ideas that’s why a clever tactic is to make sure you utilise business ideas that have worked for others in the past and make them work for you.

How many of your great ideas have you taken forward? Glassagh Consulting and Panacea Adviser will show techniques to make your ideas part of your action plan and goals for 2017.

This 40 minute session is one not to miss and can help any business no matter their experience.

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