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Bento for One Webcast - Working with Solicitors and Accountants

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15 Sep 2016

Bento for One Webcast - Working with Solicitors and Accountants

When: 13:00 – 13:30, Friday 30th September 2016

Good solid relationships with the right solicitors and accountants can help any business develop a stronger and more profitable proposition for clients. However while many people talk about it how many do it well?

In their next BrightTalk Bento for One, Panacea Adviser and Glassagh Consulting will outline the key steps to success in working with Solicitors and Accountants. It will cover:

  • Making contact
  • The nuts and bolts of working with solicitors and accountants
  • The key opportunities not to missKeeping it the relationship going.

This session which will last 45 minutes and is one not to miss and can help any business no matter their experience with strategic alliances.

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