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inSRI Newsletter 8 - Fund EcoMarket v2.0 seven months on

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11 Jul 2016

Welcome to the 8th 'inSRI' newsletter - updating you on Fund EcoMarket and related goings on.

First things first... in the emerging post Brexit vote world I remain hopeful that SRI will continue to go from strength to strength, as it has done recently, for a couple of reasons:

One is that some pretty difficult social challenges have been unmasked by the vote.  These should be addressed - and this may (should) help to move 'values' up the national agenda. 

Another is that the sustainability argument is irrefutable.  We are seeing big shifts following COP21 - and these will impact company strategy and success no matter what happens in the political arena. 

Both of these indicate that investors personal opinions should not be ignored. 

My plan is that Fund EcoMarket will make it ever easier for financial advisers - and others - to build stronger client relationships by helping people to bring the things they care about into their investment srategies. 

The following couple of pages set out where we are so far in this journey.

I hope you continue to find the our still relatively new service useful. Feedback and comments are always welcome.


EMail:  Twitter: @JuliaDreblow

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